What is HTH Coin?

HTH Coin, or Help the Homeless Coin, is a cryptocurrency with goals in helping those who are in a situation where they can no longer support themselves or are homeless through extraneous circumstances.

Who is the team and what do they bring?

The team is a collective of individuals from around the world who are using the technology that they know to tackle a problem which they all feel strongly enough to try to do something about. Spread out across the world, each of the team come with their own story, and are passionately involved in charity.

How do you plan on delivering these charity funds to the homeless?

We will actively visit local homeless shelters, and other local charities providing them with information about HTH Coin and how we can help them. Donations will be focused on the charities who can really make a difference to peoples lives now, so the fund will be donated directly to them. This will be used for things like food, shelter, clothing, and rehabilitation.

Is there a pre-sale or ICO, where can I buy HTH today?

We firmly believe that not having a pre-finance of any kind is the image that we want to put forward. Any development costs have come from the founders themselves and will allow for the fairest launch possible. HTH Coin is currently listed on several cryptocurrency trading exchanges. This enables us to allow us to get people the help they so desperately need.

How will you raise HTH Coin for charity?

From every block mined, HTH Coin will take 15% for charity and 10% for a Development Fund, this way we can keep actively developing on HTH Coin and support charity all the way. The remaining 75% will be split, 25% to masternode holders and 50% to the miners who are the backbone to making this work.

Where can we see the charity on HTH Coin raised?

Our website will provide you with information about how much charity is raised based on real-time market prices of HTH Coin. We to be transparent about everything to do with the donations. When the process matures we hope to bring in more feature which will allow patrons and charities to put forward request and suggestions for the future.

Can we support HTH Coin in any other way?

Yes, Help The Homeless Worldwide A NJ Nonprofit Corporation is now accepting Donations! We will have Partners who accept donations in HTH Coin, but you can also support the coin by raising awareness through social media. But there are plenty of other ways in which you can help, and we will provide as much information as possible on the charities which we aid so that you can help in any way that suits. Finally, you can simply mine HTH Coin at one of the many supporting pools.