Homeless Tokens Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is Homeless Tokens and its tokenomics?
    A: Homeless Tokens are deflationary assets with donations on other blockchains.
    Initial supply is only 1 million, so Homeless Tokens are scarce and valueable assets from start.
    A 6% fee is deducted off every transaction, which are split into 2% donation to HTH World, 2% reflect to all holders, and 2% is burned.
  • Q: Why a token? What will happen to HTH blockchain?
    A: Homeless Tokens is a new way to obtain donations from a larger userbase. It also address a problem we had with HTHcoin, the large supply of coins.
    HTH blockchain will continue, but its circulating supply will be reduced through the burn-to-swap for Homeless Tokens.
  • Q:Is it possible to swap Homeless Tokens back to HTH later?
    A:No, burned coins are gone forever. You can however sell Homeless Tokens, and buy or mine HTH coins as before.
  • Q: Is Homeless Tokens safe to invest in?
    A: We are US registered crypto charity since 2018, and won’t rug or exitscam you!
  • Q: Which blockchains are Homeless Tokens on?
    A: HTHB is on Binance Smart Chain, HTHF launch on Fantom Blockchain soon.
  • Q:
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