HTHB Homeless Binance Token

HTHB is a deflationary asset with donations on Binance Smart Chain

The token marks a new era for Help The Homeless Worldwide, as it give us a new way to obtain donations, from BSC’s large userbase.
The way it is obtained also aid our main chain HTH by reducing total supply.
Initial supply is only 1 million, so HTHB is a scarce and valueable asset from start.
A 6% fee is deducted off every transaction, which are split into 2% donation to HTH World, 2% reflect to all holders, and 2% is burned.

  • HTHB will be more scarce over time, as 2% of every transaction are burned
  • HTHB tokens stake in your wallet by the reflect function. 2% of every transaction are reflected back to token holders.
  • HTHB help the homeless, 2% of every transaction are donated to HTH World’s charity address 0x9e668bEfeF9a941b93770cc08b7726cE89df789D

HTHB can be obtained through burning HTH, and price determination will happen in 4 stages.

  • Stage 1, 200,000 HTHB; burn HTH equal to $1 : 1 HTHB
  • Stage 2, 200,000 HTHB; burn HTH equal to $2 : 1 HTHB
  • Stage 3, 200,000 HTHB; burn HTH equal to $3 : 1 HTHB
  • Stage 4, 250,000 HTHB; burn HTH equal to $4 : 1 HTHB

Swap ratio is 4000 HTH : 1 HTHB. This value will be updated for each stage. Minimum swap 10,000 HTH!

100,000 tokens are allocated exclusively to be bought at the Stage cost per HTHB. Proceeds from sales are used to build ecosystem and provide liquidity.
Proceeds from token sales exceeding the allocation will be split 50% to build ecosystem and provide liquidity, 50% donated to charities through HTH Worldwide.
50,000 tokens are allocated to provide HTHB side of liquidity.
50,000 tokens are allocated to Staking and Farming rewards.
50,000 tokens are allocated to Airdrops, Giveaways and other Promotions. We have no allocations dedicated to insiders or team.

Easy buy HTHB tokens, send BNB or BUSD to deployer address, 0x386BA0d80dBfBe83ADa5A9aDA7c50D2Aff0943f2

Tokens will be distributed approx. when each stage is reached. Please be aware the 6% fee is deducted from transaction 1!

How to burn HTH and claim HTHB

Option 1: From desktop wallet

  1. Prerequisite, make a new Receive address and consolidate your coins (send to yourself) into that address
  2. Send HTH coins to our burn address hThBurnHTHinvaLidCoinBurNeDXZZGJjn 
  3. Sign a message from that address, containing your Binance Smart Chain address in the message field
  4. Fill out this claim form:



Option 2: From Discord wallet Stacy Mom

  1. Prerequisite, send your coins from exchanges to Stacy Mom wallet. You find the Address 1 by sending a command in private message to the bot; hth.walletdetail
  2. Enter the claim channel
  3. Send HTH coins to HTH user;   hth.send amount @HTH#6215
  4. Post your Binance Smart Chain address 

Claims are treated as first come, first served! 


HTHB Token Contract: 0x62eab2c299c991391e707b79fe4a2f59bbdad805
Configure MetaMask Wallet: configure-wallet-to-bsc-chain
How to trade HTHB: trade-hthb-homeless-binance-token


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