Burn HTH to obtain HTHB

How to burn HTH and claim HTHB

Option 1: From desktop wallet

  1. Prerequisite, make a new Receive address and consolidate your coins (send to yourself) into that address
  2. Send HTH coins to our burn address hThBurnHTHinvaLidCoinBurNeDXZZGJjn 
  3. Sign a message from that address, containing your Binance Smart Chain address in the message field
  4. Fill out this claim form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf1v3SnEztm8UYKF5Fi_RWR049obnKdAiVNH2gsIlCSDkeYyw/



Option 2: From Discord wallet Stacy Mom

  1. Prerequisite, send your coins from exchanges to Stacy Mom wallet. You find the Address 1 by sending a command in private message to the bot; hth.walletdetail
  2. Enter the claim channel discord.gg/BvfeUyw7f3
  3. Send HTH coins to HTH user;   hth.send amount @HTH#6215
  4. Post your Binance Smart Chain address 

Claims are treated as first come, first served! We pay out manually, be patient.

HTHB Token Contract: 0x62eab2c299c991391e707b79fe4a2f59bbdad805
Configure MetaMask Wallet: configure-wallet-to-bsc-chain
How to trade HTHB: trade-hthb-homeless-binance-token

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