Testnet update 0.14.04

New QT for Testnet https://github.com/HTHcoin/Help-The-Homeless-Coin-0.14/releases/tag/0.14.04

HTH is listed at Ninjanodes.eu

HTH is now listet on Ninjanodes.eu, a new european Masternode hosting platform. Checkout the page from the new kids on the block. They host for a good price, pay the service fees with DOGE coins or other crypto. If you put up some HTH masternodes there, actual setups are manual over discord server. Webpage: https://ninjanodes.eu/ […]

Testnet update 0.14.03

for those testing or those who want to test, I have released another updated. download can be found below. This update I have added GPU Mining one button click to the QT thanks to the help of @Cryptominer937 . PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT THIS IS STILL A BETA OF THIS RELEASE. More development is being […]

Testnet update 0.14.02

new Windows QT is available for Testnet! Come test with HTH! https://github.com/HTHcoin/Help-The-Homeless-Coin-0.14/releases/tag/0.14

HTH listed at Erex.io exchange

New exchange! Erex.io have listed us, 5 trading pairs. Be careful since this is a new and unknown exchange. Do not send coins you cannot afford to lose! https://erex.io/account/signup/?ref=1030

Testnet update

if you would like to join us in the HTH0.14 Testnet please download the new QT.exe for Windows. https://mega.nz/folder/FwdC3QwD#XKMchQXV7iPWkv8QSImHug if you would like to test Masternodes, please send me your HTH test Address & i will send you collateral. if you are testing please use testnet=1 in your config file

Testnet up for new x25x chain

HTH 0.14 Testnet is now open to those who want to help test the new algo & chain. Please download the Windows QT at the link below. Linux/Ubuntu will be up shortly. HTH is testing on pool.swampthing.net:3650 https://mega.nz/file/F891Tb6K#aNv89fSSX29e27Bn3OMsm4hFD_8wNrj2xTY4oya5JWg

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