HTH Coin

HTH Help the Homeless Coin

1st of July 2018, HTH had a fair launch with no premine, being top profitable x16r coin quite often.
Mid 2019 we started working on our current code, changing algorithm to x25x, and lowering masternode collateral to 1 million HTH. Halving periods was also changed to launch specs, once a year. The way charity funds are organized and spent also changed from a centrally controlled charity fund to a masternode-controlled proposal system.
The new blockchain became operational 16th of August 2020 with a premine for swap from the old chain.
X25x is a GPU minable algorithm resistant to ASIC and FPGA miners due its high memory requirements,20 times more than our previous x16r.  With lattice-based cryptography it is Quantum resistant. Combined with masternodes providing LLMQ and Chainlocks we are resistant against 51% attacks.

HTH Coin Specifications

Coin Name: Help The Homeless
Ticker: HTH
Algo: x25x
Block Reward: 2500 (halving every 1 year)
Block Time: 60 seconds
Mature Time: 101 blocks
Retargeting Diff: DGW3
Masternode Collateral: 1 000 000
Masternode Reward: 25% of block reward
PoW Reward: 64.75% of block reward
Dev funds: 10% of block reward
Donations: 2.5% of block reward
 HTH Wallet

HTH Wallets

Download or compile your own from our github:

Buy and trade HTH

The Buy HTHcoin page contains a list of exchanges for trading HTH into BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, LTC and more

Mining HTH

HTH is mined efficient with GPU’s. Common mining programs to use are T-rex and Wildrig. Find mining pools here.


A masternode is a great way to support our network. LLMQ and Chainlocks as well as Instantsend relies on a network of masternodes. It is also a rewarding way, as masternodes are paid a share of the block rewards. How much your node get paid depends on total amount of  masternodes.

To set up a masternode you need 1 million HTH, and a daemon server. A VPS with IPV4 and at least 1 GB ram is recommended.
For more information look at masternode-setup on Github.
Help The Homeless Worldwide A NJ Nonprofit Corporation is a fully registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation, EIN 83-1698753.
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