News about HTH cryptocurrency

HTH is a POW/PoSe blockchain. HTH is not a token.

HTH listed at hosting platform now offers HTH masternodes at a monthly $0.80 fee, paid in cryptocurrencies.

Hedged MON / HTH Masternode Pool

MoneyByte added HTH to their investment platform. This scheme enables you to participate in the rewards of a Help The Homeless masternode without lucking up any HTH coins yourself.

Trade HTH with BCH Bitcoin Cash!

We now have a BCH trading pair!

New DOGE-HTH trading pair

Altmarkets have opened DOGE pair for us! Register here:

Altilly Hacked – HTH is Safe!

Altilly had a nasty hack happen, where their servers was deleted. HTH is confirmed safe, but they don’t know if they are able to restore user database. So they have prepared for users to claim their funds based on deposits. If you had funds on Altilly, the 9th is last chance to claim them!!!

HTH listed at FreiExchange!!

Santa Claus came by HTH today FreiExchange listed HTH: This is a respectable exchange, and the owner also do charity work himself!

1,115,146,157 HTH BURNED!

The burn address hThBurnHTHinvaLidCoinBurNeDXZZGJjn is now no.1 on Richlist with 35% of coins: Coins from this address can’t be spent. Our circulating supply is reduced to ~2,100,000,000 HTH!

Medium update

Hello, it has been a long while since anyone has updated the HTH Worldwide Medium so I shall write to you today…


FINAL DATE FOR SWAP of old X16R coins is November 30, 2020 Swap your HTH now if you still have unswapped coins! Any claims made after November 30, 2020 will not be read. Swap form:

New chain is live at Coinpaprika and Coingecko

HTH is now live again on both and

HTH is listed at SouthXchange

HTH is listed at SouthXchange: Southxchange is a highly renowned exchange since 2012, and was selected Best Crypto Exchange in South America 2019! Happy trading!

HTH is listed at Altilly exchange

HTH is now listed at Altilly exchange!! BTC, ETH and QCR trading pairs Please register using our link: HAPPY TRADING!

HTH listed at Nodemn masternode platform

Nodemn have added HTH to their masternode platform! This is our first Chinese masternode host! They are also integrating us on their mining pool

Masternode HOWTO video

Here is a really easy to follow HTH Masternode Howto using Pecunia platform, courtesy of Jeffrey Scott from SCN Coin

North exchange is updated to new chain

North exchange is updated to new chain!

Snapshot of old chain at block 1100000 – Swap your coins

Snapshot of old chain happened at block 1100000. Updated swap form for the late ones:

HTH 0.14.08 released!

HTH 0.14.08 released! Stable release to include updated quorums for chainlocks & instasend to work correctly. Multiple ports allowed for masternodes.

Swap update

Hi All! Update before bedtime! Swap has been going good & we are caught up with those who swapped. Tomorrow at some point I will be pushing a small update to fix the links for the Explorer button & a few other changes. These are minor changes & wont affect consensus just download & install […]

HTH listed at Stakecenter

The new HTH chain have been listed at Stakecenter, BTC, DOGE and LTC trading pairs! Please register using this link, we’ll spend referral incomes on HTH markets! As always, don’t keep a lot of values on exchanges and 3rd parties, especially not new ones. Happy Trading!

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