Help The Homeless Coin 0.14.07 MAINNET RELEASE

It is time for finally release Help The Homeless Coin 0.14.07 to you all!!! Please leave your feedback & comments & as always, we will be here for assistance if you need any plus to answer your questions. Info on the swap….. It will be 1:1 ratio We will release a form to fill […]

Website updates

Hi All! As we get closer to launching of Help The Homeless Coin 0.14, we are going to be updating the websites so they will be down for maintenance. Ill post an update when they are back up again. Thank You

HTH is looking for team members & positions within HTH

HTH is looking for team members & positions within HTH HTH is looking for these following teams & positions within HTH….

Blockreward halving happened

Blockreward halving happened at block 1036800. Miners share of blocks are now 703.125 HTH Masternodes share of blocks are now 234.375 HTH

HTH Community video

A HTH Community Member made a cool video of HTH. Its a Q & A of sorts & some information on how to CPU mine & Donate. Come give some love & support!!

Testnet update

Hi All!! Hope everyone is doing well!! I have been busy with my day job & having family in & out lately so i have been a little bit busy, but i have been working late at night or on my mobile so i can try to keep up with all this work i got […]

Testnet update 0.14.05

Hi All!!! Im releasing another update for Testnet! This version has a Chat Window & I would like to test this feature out. Please update your HTH Testnet Windows Wallet to HTH 0.14.05 To avoid crash, wait a few seconds for #HTHWorld “tab” to appear then type message. If by chance your wallet closes when […]

Testnet update 0.14.04

New QT for Testnet

HTH is listed at

HTH is now listet on, a new european Masternode hosting platform. Checkout the page from the new kids on the block. They host for a good price, pay the service fees with DOGE coins or other crypto. If you put up some HTH masternodes there, actual setups are manual over discord server. Webpage: […]

Testnet update 0.14.03

for those testing or those who want to test, I have released another updated. download can be found below. This update I have added GPU Mining one button click to the QT thanks to the help of @Cryptominer937 . PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT THIS IS STILL A BETA OF THIS RELEASE. More development is being […]

Testnet update 0.14.02

new Windows QT is available for Testnet! Come test with HTH!

HTH listed at exchange

New exchange! have listed us, 5 trading pairs. Be careful since this is a new and unknown exchange. Do not send coins you cannot afford to lose!

Testnet update

if you would like to join us in the HTH0.14 Testnet please download the new QT.exe for Windows. if you would like to test Masternodes, please send me your HTH test Address & i will send you collateral. if you are testing please use testnet=1 in your config file

Testnet up for new x25x chain

HTH 0.14 Testnet is now open to those who want to help test the new algo & chain. Please download the Windows QT at the link below. Linux/Ubuntu will be up shortly. HTH is testing on

Update on testnet ++

So I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal issues in real life that took me away for awhile from HTH. It was unavoidable & my family comes first at all times. If I could thank each & everyone one of you personally, I would, but like the real world, I can’t, I can only […]

Market data on explorer

Our Open Chains explorer now show market data,

New partnership with MyCryptoStats

Today, I would like to announce that MyCryptoStats not only added HTH Coin to their platform, but the we have also worked out adding HTH Coin as a payment option if you would like to upgrade your services on your portfolio. Please visit , sign up, get your portfolio going & check out the […]

HTH listed at Coinmarketcap

Altcoin Cash – GpuHOT.com08/10/2018 @everyone We are listed at coinmarketcap! listing has been paid. Update 07/24/2018: We are listed on !!

Masternode fork!

Today we will be releasing the new wallets for the upcoming fork. ( This is a mandatory update !!! ) This fork will add masternodes to the wallet and increase the mature time to 360 blocks, a masternode will require a total of 2.5 mill HTH. Dev fee 10%, Charity 15%, Masternodes 25% and Miners […]

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