HTH is looking for team members & positions within HTH

HTH is looking for team members & positions within HTH

HTH is looking for these following teams & positions within HTH….

  • Development
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • HTH Treasurer
  • HTH Community Managers
  • HTH Managers
  • HTH Chapters Managers
  • HTH Help & Support Manager
  • HTH Team Leaders
  • HTH Helpers

All the Management roles will have their own teams under them & used at Managers discretion. Team Leaders will work with Managers to ensure things get done & stay on target & for anyone on the team to get help right away so multiple team leaders are going to be needed for each Manager for time zone availability. Development, Social Media, Marketing, Web & Managers will work directly with HTH Founders. HTH Community Managers oversees the community & would technically be right under HTH Founders & HTH Director. Those roles are filled except HTH Community Managers.

Now all of these roles, including Managers & HTH Community Managers will share duties with others of the same title, this will help with time zones & help alleviate the workload. HTH Community Managers oversee all Managers, Team Leaders & delegate workloads, make sure everyone is doing their part, keeping things on schedule & recruitment to HTH Teams. HTH Treasurer will oversee HTH Funding alongside the Founders. HTH Help & Support oversee the Help & Support of HTH.

HTH Helpers will be assigned duties to carry out such as promotions, advertising, social media posts or any other simple task. HTH Nonprofit Manager will work closely with the Founders & help oversee HTH Worldwide & HTH Chapters. HTH Chapters Manager will help create & oversee HTH Chapters & work with HTH Nonprofit Manager.

HTH is excited to bring you all into the next phase of Help The Homeless Coin & Help The Homeless Worldwide A NJ Nonprofit Corporation. As always, we love you all & thank you all for your support. A community driven is heading for success!

Now onto the development portion….. HTH will be releasing Help The Homeless Coin 0.14.XX(determined at release) extremely soon. We have spoken about Friday, but would like to take the rest of the week to get some marketing, advertising & promotions going. Those details will be released within the next 48 hours so we can have an enjoyable weekend & not have them Monday Blues

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