Masternode fork!

Today we will be releasing the new wallets for the upcoming fork. ( This is a mandatory update !!! ) This fork will add masternodes to the wallet and increase the mature time to 360 blocks, a masternode will require a total of 2.5 mill HTH. Dev fee 10%, Charity 15%, Masternodes 25% and Miners will get 50%. The fork will automaticly happen on block 24804 ( This will be thursday.) When we released the new wallets i will post the link here.



The new wallets are uploaded make sure you update your current wallet asap and before Thursday. This is the wallet needed for the upcoming fork on block 24804. ( this will be the 19th of July xxx time depending on where you are in the world.)

How do i update my wallet ? 

1. Download the new qt for windows.  2. Backup your old wallet.dat located in %appdata% 3. Make sure old wallet is closed, and remove your hth qt wallet from your desktop. 4. Place the new wallet on your desktop and run it. 5. Make sure the wallet syncs if not add nodes and your done. If you are having any issues i would like to point you to #💯help-support .

What does the new update contain ? 

– Added masternodes to HTH. – Increasing mature time of the blocks to 6 hours / 360 block. – Halving Occurs every 1 year instead of 2 years.

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