Founders buying HTH to do charity work


@everyone Some of the founders will be buying HTH from the charity address to get things started.
We will be buying the HTH for the current market price 08.07 00:00 UTC. So its in your hands how big this price will be. Also people that are not in the founders team will be able to donate to help get this started as well! Next week we will show what we did with the collected funds. We will be recording our giveaways to the homeless and sharing it with the community. More information will follow in the next 5 hours.


For clarification, the founders will be purchasing 0.3 BTC worth of HTH from the Charity wallet. The price for this will be a snapshot of the price on Crypto Bridge +10 Satoshi, to ensure that the charity continues to grow. In celebration of the coins’ one-week anniversary, we will be opening the sale until 12 pm EST on 8th July. This will be the snapshot price. Proceeds will go to the continued development of the charity. We are completing this outside of CB to avoid undercutting and flooding of the market. Full transaction history will be available on our website upon completion. We insist on transparency for all of the charitable funds. This charity offer is open to everyone ensuring fair access. There will be a google form to follow, as well as, a private discord room for donators until we complete the transactions. If people have any questions or doubts on this please feel free to discuss. @everyone


Hello, as per post above is the form for getting involved. Closes tomorrow 8th July 12 PM EST. Applicants will be added to #deleted-channel for the duration. For transparency the content of this room is visible to all regardless of investment. #FairChance @everyone


@everyone Tomorow @Michael H will got to To hand out the care packages the founders donated.
We have word that also the following newspaper will be there to record some of it and to maybe have a interview with @Michael H about HTHcoin. We are really exited to announce this great news and also hope our community is.
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