Point in Time event January 29th, 2020

Point in Time event January 29th, 2020

Hi All!! So a quick update on the Point in Time event in January 29th, 2020.

It was an overall success & tons of people showed up at all of the locations they had going.

The location I was at only had about 100 people show up & was the least amount to do so, but that didnt stop anyone from recieving donations, food, clothing & any personal items that the homeless needed.

The HTH items that were donated were split up between the 4 locations & passed out to those who needed them more.

During the event, I slipped climbing off the back of a truck & smashed my phones screen & it is unusable so I am going to Verizon this week to pull all my info I have saved on my phone, this includes all my pictures as well as the pictures & video I took of the event.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to those of you who have donated a monetary value to HTHW!!

I was able to purchase gift cards & passed those put at random so people wouldnt feel that they didnt get anything. I had a few extra HTH Tshirts & gave those out as well.

The amount of questions I recieved from all sorts of people were pretty easy to answer, but when it came to questions about the cryptocurrency, Help The Homeless Coin, the main questions that arise were How do we access the cryptocurrency? How done spend the cryptocurrency? Where do we spend the cryptocurrency?

Each person that I spoke with genuinely listened to what I had to say & some seemed interested in it because of what HTH stands for, but being that we do not have ANY answers to these question yet, we have a lot of work to do to get these questions answered.
The HTH Founders will be having a meeting this coming week to discuss mobile wallets & any other related topics we need to discuss to make HTH spendable & what merchants/vendors we can approach. As always, your input is greatly appreciated on these topics & we look forward to hearing your inputs.
Now I have spoken to several organizations that attended & each organization wants HTHW to solve these particular issues before any partnerships can be obtained by any of them. They are very eager to have a HTH Masternode because of the free funding, but they are worried about price of the cryptocurrency so they are being cautious which I completely understand…..


So in closing, again a huge THANK YOU to our community!!
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