Spending the Walmart Community Grant

Spending the Walmart Community Grant

Hi All! Wanted to post an update to you about the Walmart Community Grant

We have the two first distributions from The Walmart Grant ready:

$1,000 to Destiny’s Bridge Food Truck hosted every Sunday at 11am and once their new trailer arrives, the Food Truck will be twice a week with a saved spot for HTH to not only volunteer, but to host our own table to present HTH to the audiences. I will be delivering this donation this week coming up and planning on either January 17th or January 24th to volunteer my time and host HTH Table.

$1,000 to Ed Forchion’s Feed The People Program at his restaurant and temple property in Trenton, NJ. I fully believe that after the many conversations I have had with Ed about many different things, that HTH can make a serious impact in local homeless community in and around the Trenton area by helping Ed feed many people at a low cost. He is a famous celebrity activist and Restaurant Owner and goes by his moniker is NJWEEDMAN.

HTH is encouraged by Ed to take as much video and photos as humanly possible and spread as much words as we can spread because this week coming up I will be hand delivering our donation to Ed and planning future endeavors for not only 2021, but 2022 and beyond!

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