HTH listed at hosting platform now offers HTH masternodes at a monthly $0.80 fee, paid in cryptocurrencies.

Get started with HTH masternodes EASY


You need 1 million HTH to run a masternode. Buy them at Southxchange, Freixchange or other exchanges listed in resources.

Wallet can be found on github:

Go to

Create an account and fund it with a coin of your liking for payments.

Send collateral to a new receive address, call it something like `mn collateral`, 1000000 HTH and 1 coin to another address named `mn payout`

Open debug window of your wallet and type:

masternode outputs

Start a HTH node at  using the tx from above. You will need IP and operators Public Key from here.

Back in debug window of your wallet type:

getnewaddress “ownerKeyAddr”

where ownerKeyAddr can be numbered if you set up more masternodes.

Add this address two times in the next command as adviced, and fill out the other fields:

protx register_prepare “collateralHash” collateralIndex “IP:65000” “ownerKeyAddr” “operatorPubKey” “ownerKeyAddr” 0 “mn payout”

Signmessage uses two fields of the output from register_prepare:

signmessage collateralAddress “signMessage”

Then lastly register_submit use “tx” field from register_prepare and the signature from signmessage:

protx register_submit “tx” “sig”

Wait for the transaction to be included in a block. Node should now pick up as ENABLED in your wallet and in your status pages on

HTH Masternode statistics can be found at


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