Swap update

Hi All! Update before bedtime!

Swap has been going good & we are caught up with those who swapped. Tomorrow at some point I will be pushing a small update to fix the links for the Explorer button & a few other changes. These are minor changes & wont affect consensus just download & install wallet. Always backup your wallet.dat file.

We have just about hit 5,000 blocks!!! Chain is chugging along with slight hiccups in the beginning, but moving along so lets keep an eye on it!

Congratulations to all Masternode Holders that are online & have successfully navigated my walk-through that I myself failed on until Altcoin dumbed it down for me hahahaha!! Now for those wbo want to set up an MN, please see the Masternodes Channel in HTH Community for easy to follow guide. Once I am finished with the wallet update, I will be working on the dashcore-lib this will allow HTH to use with Insight Explorer & with that, the Proposal System.

I am new to development as you all know so any help is appreciated in this area! Marketing, please feel free to write articles, create posts & spam other channels appropriately to spread the word of HTH!

AltMarkets, please withdraw your coins before September 7, 2020. Around this time expect AltMarkets to reopen trading within a few hours to a few days. Bare with them.

For those of you who haven’t swapped yet, please do so because we want to get away from the old chain & move forward!

If there is anything I missed its because its late, I’m tired & have a lot to do so I am doing my best to bring you a great product & a reason to believe in humanity.

As always, we love you all & thank you for your support!!!!

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